London photo booth hire – as you might expect with a national company, we’ve been busy in the capital again, offering our London photo booth hire service.

This time it was for a pre-wedding party in the City of London.  Normally you’d expect a pre-wedding party to be much like an engagement party, just named differently.  But this one was pre-wedding – because the wedding took place the following day!  And we were booked until 1.30AM – yup you read that right!

Premiere Photo Booth in London

We’ve been asked to keep all photos off all social media for this event so we can’t show any images relevant to the evening; as always, we’d publish these images to a secure online gallery and post the password to the gallery to the host.  We’d usually also post a link on our Facebook page so that as many guests as possible could be alerted to the link.  It’s worth noting at this point that, whilst we can’t always stop guests from putting sets of photos in the album that are “inappropriate” (shall we say!), we don’t publish those photos onto social media.

One of the exciting points for this particular event is that we got to show off our Instagram Hashtag printing. I’m not sure whether you’ve heard of a little thing called Instagram but it now has over 300 million monthly active users – the last time I looked.  That’s a lot of photos!  And Instagram has grown up from being the site for holiday snaps or pictures of your cat (if it ever really was) into an amazing platform set to rival Facebook – except of course that it is owned by Facebook.

So what were we able to do for our client this time was to pull any images with their Hashtag down and print them out there and then.  Obviously we had to be careful to choose an appropriate hashtag (after careful consultation with the groom) and we made sure that word got around the party by telling anyone who came into the booth, (we can also pre-create cards with the hashtag to be given to guests earlier in the day).

Changes that Instagram have made to their business model mean that it is not possible to post to Instagram from a third party laptop or computer but our Hashtag printing service ensures you can print any photo you’ve taken with the hashtag, ensuring you get pictures from in and outside the photo booth. It was a hit with everyone!

So, if you are looking for a photo both hire company that can provide you with an excellent photo booth hire service AND extras such as Hashtag Printing, Mobile Printing, Flip books, Mirror Booth and much much more – give us a call.  We’ve been providing our London photo booth hire service since 2008 and have worked with big corporates and individuals. Our service is tailored to your requirements – not the other way around!