A photo booth is one of the most effective ways to bring fun to your event and create memories to last a lifetime but did you know that choosing or creating the perfect photo backdrop will have a huge impact on your photos?


The three reasons why you should give your photo booth backdrop thorough consideration.


1. The more attractive and unique the photo opportunity is the more likely your guests will want to pose without persuasion (not that in our experience much persuasion is ever needed!). They’ll want to return to take more and more photos, all night long.

A desirable photo opportunity also becomes instantly more shareable. Essential for those that wish to collate images from friends and family via a hashtag or share their photos to an event website or social page.

2. A photo booth backdrop can enhance your overall event decor by creating a beautiful decorative space in keeping with your event theme. A mobile set up can also be used for more than one purpose for example behind the top table at a wedding.

3. Your photo booth guestbook will be filled with images you’ll look back on for years to come. A well executed backdrop will stand the test of time and have you reminiscing about your amazing celebration.


Let’s take a look at some photo booth backdrop ideas and options.


A Physical Backdrop

Your photo booth provider will most likely provide a few standard options to choose from. These will be more extensive with an open photo booth set up such as our Smiley Mirror Booth or Smiley Station where you can take advantage of wider and full length shots.

Printed vinyl or fabric photo booth backdrops are very effective. Even a block of solid colour or black or white can make the photo subject ‘pop’ and the memories jump from the page.

Mermaid sequin backdrops are popular and add a touch of sparkle and glamour to your event. They also an interactive element by enabling guests to create simple words and patterns with the sequins.

Flower wall backdrops are also very popular and have been featured in some of the most lavish events being used to add a whimsical backdrop for gorgeous photos. Real flower walls are beautiful but often very expensive. A most cost effective option is to use silk or paper flowers which are available in a number of different colours and designs. If your photo booth or photographer do not have one available you can often hire a flower wall from a venue decorator. 

Digital Backdrops 

Another option that may be offered by your photo booth provider is green screen digital backgrounds. Depending on their software and level expertise fantastic 3D scenes can be created to really put your guests in the picture (pun intented).

DIY Backdrops 

You may wish to think about creating your own DIY photo booth backdrop.  This gives you the chance to get really creative and doesn’t need to break the bank. Some incredibly effective backgrounds can be created with low cost materials such as balloons, streamers, fabric, fairy lights and more. Here are a couple of websites featuring photo booth backdrop tutorials that are very useful.

Lovely Indeed

Oh Happy Day


Projected Images 

Last but not least are projected image backgrounds. These are relatively new on the event photography scene and create cinema-worthy scenes for your guests to pose in front of. 


Creating a similar photography effect to green screen backgrounds but without the need for a physical green background. The image can be changed throughout the event to create a slideshow feature as well as an inspiring background for guest to pose with over and over again.


Top tips to make the most of your photo booth backdrop. 

Keep your photographer and/or wedding planner and venue in the loop. They’ll be able to advise on the best location of your photo booth, what is needed logistically and they’ll also quite likely, from their experience, have tips and suggestions to make the experience cohesive with your overall theme.

Use props and accessories to create a three dimensional scene with your background to compliment your theme and make a fully immersive experience for your guests. Make it easy for guests to pose and have and create one of a kind photos.


If you have any thoughts or questions on what photo booth backdrop to use for your event please feel free to drop a comment below or email us at enquiries@smile-events-media.com