Memorable Moments Mosaic

The Covid 19 crisis acelerated the need of virtual event services which are here to stay as both private and corporate events realise the benefits of virtual technology as part of their event.

As the world returns to a new normal our customers have asked us how we can help them to make more memories.

Our popular mosaic service is now available virtually. Invite people to send in their photos and messages to a unique website link and we’ll compile these into a larger image of your choice which can be displayed both digitally and printed.

The online mosaic service is perfect for…








Campaign Awareness


Virtual Events & Conferences


Hybrid Events

Here’s How It Works…

Step 1

Send us the final image you’d like the mosaic images to create and how long you’d like the virtual event to be open for.

Step 2

Invite users to send photos and messages to a unique website link which is customised for your event. 

Step 3

Watch in anticipation as the individual photos build the final mosaic image. Click each image to view the associated message.

Step 4

Receive your final mosaic as a high resolution JPEG file. You can also choose from several different print options