A Fun and Flexible Franchise Opportunity

The Smiley Booth franchise opportunity gives you all the flexibility and excitement of your own business with the full support of an established brand, head office team and network of franchisees.

“It’s even more than we expected. What a fabulous franchise. we’re so happy to be a part of it”. 

Alan and Louise McLardie

Smiley Booth Glasgow. 

A Fantastic Franchise Opportunity

The UK events market is valued at a whopping £40 Billion.
The global wedding and events industry is estimated to be worth over 600 billion dollars and growing bigger every day.

Pre covid there were over 250,000 weddings every year in England alone, add to this a huge number of corporate and private events providing each franchise with a massive opportunity to grow.


We are preparing for a wedding and events BOOM! People are eager to return to celebrating and socialising in person as we enter the new roaring twenties!

A limited number of large territories enable you to grow a business instead of just owning a job.
HUGE net profit margins of up to 62% and incredibly fast returns on your initial investment.

Our software and hardware partners enable us to provide leading edge tech entertainment and engagement solutions to events online and offline around the world.

Everything You Need For Your Business To Succeed

Our franchisees are given systems, staff and support that would usually cost them upwards of £3800/€4200 per month should they have tried to do it on their own, but they get this for free enabling them to completely out manoeuvre their competition.
As a franchisee you’ll receive unparalleled support and tools that enable you to scale your business and maintain excellence in service, giving you a great reputation, referrals and a sustainable business.

You’ll receive state of the art equipment which is leased to you as part of your franchise purchase plus cutting edge software for you to deliver services to virtual, hybrid and in person events. 

24 hours a day, 365 days a year technical support when it matters most.
A strong, passionate community of franchisees all working together to grow a fun and rewarding business.
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Stuart & I are lucky enough to have had the opportunity to join a fun and exciting industry.

We bought in to Smiley Booth Cyprus in 2019 and after our initial training with Lee and Kate, along with finding our feet, the events started coming in thick and fast, which was super exciting and very fast paced.

Stuart and Jackie Cooper

Since buying the business I haven’t regretted one second of it. Initially I had one photobooth and was doing a minimum of around 2 bookings per week, I even managed to squeeze in two bookings a day for the right events.

I now have 3 photobooths and prior to Covid-19 was managing 2/3 events every Friday and Saturday and the best bit about it was I was doing it from a sun lounger in South Africa.

I’ve missed working so much during the pandemic and cant wait to get back up and running again and do better than ever!

Mandy Dowley

Our Story So Far

Lee and Kate Johnson first stumbled across the photo booth concept at a family wedding in America and sensing a gap in the UK market quickly developed a ‘home made’ photo booth. Initially intending to be only a part-time business, it was soon apparent that Smiley Booth had much bigger ambitions and turnover grew in the first 3 years by a massive 800%!

After receiving multiple industry awards and working with brand giants, celebrities and at international events it was time to share Smiley Booth’s success by franchising the business.

Through the franchise opportunity, Smiley Booth can reach more people and cover more events while helping ambitious professionals to create their own dream businesses following the exact path Lee and Kate took.

Being a Smiley Booth franchisee is like being a member of a big extended family, franchisees talk to each other and head office almost daily. There’s a real sense of camaraderie, with everyone helping each other and collaborating on projects together.

Smiley Booth franchises have seen consistent growth year on year and enjoy operating flexible businesses to suit their lifestyles. We’re looking for a limited number of enthusiastic superstars to join our team.

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