Memories are special moments that tell our story…

Service with a Smiley Booth

Smiley Booth are a full time business with an enthusiastic team who take pride in what they do. We have area managers across the country giving you the expertise of a local representative and the reassurance of a national company. Our staff are well presented, friendly and attentive. Depending on the size of your event you will have one or two members of staff to manage every aspect of your photo booth hire plus a dedicated event manager in the office. 

Memory Makers 

From start to finish we provide a professional experience for you and your guests and work with you to compliment your event. Your photo entertainment can be completely customised to your requirements to create a truly individual experience, we ask you “what makes you smile?” and we make sure we do!


We have a fleet of different styles of photo booth and a range of photo entertainment services ensuring the right booth for your event but also more availability and the option to have more than one photo booth. Our booths are stylish, feature packed and can be branded to suit any event. 

You can be assured of high quality photographs produced using top of the range DSLR cameras, studio quality lighting and lab standard printing  We are also one of few companies to offer genuine unlimited prints – not just visits.

Longevity – experience counts

Smiley Booth were there at the beginning of the event photo booth hire concept. We have plenty of experience and have literally made thousands of people smile. We’ve won awards for our business, delivered at high profile events across the country and been featured in National Press and Television.

Exceptional Value for money

Smiley Booth provide fantastic all inclusive packages providing everything you need to create a truly memorable experience. Our deposits are low our quotes are transparent, we also provide a flexible payment options for cost of your photo booth hire.

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Don’t Miss Out!

Click below to check availability and let’s start creating your Smiley  Photo station experience.

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