Case Study


How we made Qatar Airways the favourite stand at the Dublin International Horse Show 


Qatar Airways, as one of the main sponsors at the Dublin Horse Show, contracted Smiley Booth to increase the number of visitors to their stand from the previous year. The longstanding show is attended by affluent horse enthusiasts from around Ireland and internationally. As Qatar’s Airways ideal customer demographic they needed a way to entice people to visit their stand. 


Amid a sea of horse industry and trade exhibitors Qatar Airways needed to bring traffic to their information stand.  Once there, the dwell time on the stand was also important to allow Qatar to engage with their customers giving them the right information for their needs. 


  • The stand had to be able to accommodate Qatar marketing materials and literature and staff meaning space was at a premium and the photo booth needed to ‘blend in’
  • The service had to offer something unique and compelling as visitors to the show were there to peruse the horse related stands rather than think about their travel plans. 
  • To produce a memorable takeaway from the show. Ideally producing something in which attendees would remember the brand.
  • Lastly, the service needed to provide a good return on investment for Qatar Airways. 


To ensure the stand space was not compromised, we installed our unique photo led marketing tool, the Smiley Station.  This was fully brand ‘wrapped’ and fit perfectly with Qatar’s branding for the whole stand.  

Through the use of greenscreen technology visitors were able to choose their photo backgrounds as one of the many destination that Qatar Airways fly to from Dublin International Airport. 

The photo was printed as a large single image print with subtle Qatar branding on the frame. A perfect keepsake for visitors to the Dublin Horse Show. 

Before printing visitors were asked to leave their email address. This ensured a copy of the image would be sent to them digitally and gave Qatar Airways the visitor’s email address for future marketing purposes. Vistor’s were fully aware of the use of their email address as in accordance with GDPR compliance. 

Emails Collected




Traffic Boost


The Results

Qatar Airways were extremely happy with the results of the project. They stated they were impressed with the look of the photo booth, the engaging staff that accompanied the photo booth and the results of increased activity on the stand and resultant customer data captured.

In addition the Dublin Horse Show informed us that we were showing towards the top of an anonymous poll taken by staff at the event in which show attendees repeated cited Qatar Airways as their favourite stand in the exhibition hall.  


“I can’t believe it took us this long to make a change. So happy that we did. Numbers don’t lie.”

John Doe, Divi CEO
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