Distance means so little              when people mean so much

Our virtual and hybrid event solutions bring your favourite people together no matter how far apart they may be…

Virtual Photo Booth

The Virtual Photo Booth puts a photo booth in the hands and pockets of all your guests. Bring together friends and family who are both side by side and far apart by inviting guests and non attendees to upload their selfies to your online wedding platform. 

Collect photos and messages on your unique event page. We’ll customise the photo border, provide fun stickers and filters and we can even remove the background. 


Moment Mosaic

Create a stunning mosaic of an image of your choice made up of photos from your loved ones near and far. Photos are uploaded via a unique and secure link and the mosaic is built digitally in real time, click on an individal photo to reveal a message from loved ones.

Options to print both the indivudal photos and messages and the final mosaic masterpiece.

Videogram & Video Guest Book

Smiley Booth are working exclusively with Say It! The brand new group video messaging software created to enable friends and family to send messages of love and congratulations on your special day. 

Guests are invited to leave a video message which is then edited into a video montage and gifted in a unique video card presentation for you to treasure forever. 

Love Live

Sharing special occasions with loved ones is still possible with Love Live. This simple but powerful platform enables you to share the highest-quality video and audio with remote attendees.  The immersive yet intimate experience enables you and them to share a unique experience together that you’ll all cherish.